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The journey toward the best possible outcome for your child can be confusing and arduous. It can be difficult to know which are the right choices, where to go and who to see. Whilst the team at Minds and Hearts are specialised in autism spectrum conditions (ASC), they also have considerable knowledge, skill and experience in typical children’s development and a whole range of childhood, parenting and family issues. Each team member is well-placed to offer guidance, assistance and support across a broad range of issues, and can incorporate their specialist knowledge of ASC to many unique situations. At Minds & Hearts we follow best practice guidelines and not only keep up with the research on ASC, but also contribute to it.

At Minds & Hearts we offer a range of therapy and assessment options for children:

In 2019 we hope to inform and inspire you, sharing our knowledge on ASC to increase awareness and ultimately better the lives of people with AS and autism. To further this goal we are conducting workshops and seminars for parents and health and educational professionals in Brisbane and around Australia.

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