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Weekly Article



By Toneya Ashby, Psychologist

What is bullying?

Bullying refers to the repeated exposure of an individual (the “victim”) to intentional aggressive actions on the part of one or more other individuals (the “bullies” or perpetrators), where there is an imbalance of physical or social power between the parties (Olweus, 1993).  The aggressive actions are perpetrated with the intention of causing distress or harm, whether psychologically, physically, or socially. It can include verbal aggression (such as threatening or taunting), physical aggression (such as shoving or hitting), and social aggression (such as exclusion or rumour spreading); and includes both overt and covert types of bullying. 

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New Event for Professionals

Cognitive Behaviour Drama (CBD): An Innovative Intervention for Teaching Social Skills to Children with ASD, Levels 1 and 2

Brisbane, Queensland: Saturday 1st September, 2018

* Knowledge of the theoretical framework, curriculum and teaching principles of the CBD model to teach social skills and social problem-solving to primary-aged children (6-12 years old)

* Engagement in a CBD program enabling an experiential understanding of how the model works in practice

* Ability to develop a CBD lesson plan to teach social understanding in ways that engage and inspire children with ASD

The workshop is presented by Dr Haris Karnezi

2018 Workshops

Presented By Professor Tony Attwood & Dr Michelle Garnett



Emotion Management for Children and Teens with ASD

Toowoomba, Queensland: Friday 31st August, 2018

Mooloolaba, Queensland: Saturday 6th October, 2018

Rockhampton, Queensland: Friday 9th November, 2018

* Why children and adolescents with ASD/Asperger's syndrome have difficulties expressing and managing emotions

* How high levels of anxiety affect behaviour and learning

* Affective education to learn about emotions at home and school

* Managing anxiety, anger and depression

Girls and Women with ASD

Brisbane, Queensland: Saturday 25th August, 2018

* This presentation will focus on the unique presentation of girls and women on the autism spectrum

* Increase awareness and knowledge of the female presentation

* Share strategies and ideas found to be useful in clinical practice

* How to recognize the signs of AS in girls and women

* Discuss key areas of difficulty commonly reported by females with AS including self-understanding, adolescent issues, relationships and expressing and managing emotions

* Tony and Michelle will provide ideas and strategies that can maximize the possibility of successful outcomes for girls and women on the autism spectrum



                                        Opportunities to Assist with Research

Researchers at UNSW Australia and Autism CRC are seeking volunteer research participants to learn about life in adulthood for people with Autism. They are looking for Australian autistic adults 25 years and older, informal carers/support people for Autstralian autistic adults 25 years and older, and non-autistic adults 25 years and older. To find our more about this research please click here

We are delighted to announce that one of our highly skilled psychologists, Radhika Tanksale, will be running a group for children aged 8-12 years old with ASD to assist them with their self-regulation skills. The group is part of her PhD research into using yoga-based mindful movement practice with a specific psychological focus. It will be free for all participants. It will be held at the University of Queensland. We can highly recommend this programme to you. Please click here for the flyer.