Meet Ms Toneya Ashby

Meet Ms Toneya Ashby


Tonéya is a registered psychologist and a clinical psychology registrar. She completed her Master of Clinical Psychology at Macquarie University in Sydney, and her undergraduate and Honours degrees at the University of Adelaide. During her Honours year of study, Tonéya worked as an in-home Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) therapist for a number of children with Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC). Here, she found her passions each for working with children and adolescents, and working in the ASC area.

Tonéya brings a warm and enthusiastic approach to her work, and is committed to helping children and adolescents with an ASC to build resilience, empower them to overcome their challenges, and to capitalize on their strengths. She has particular interests in helping children manage their emotions, develop social skills, build a strong and positive sense of self, and providing support to parents of children with an ASC.
Tonéya is registered with the Psychology Board of Australia, and is a Member of the Australian Psychological Society.
Fun fact: Tonéya has a Samoyed at home called Miesha, who she would love to train to become a therapy dog in the future!

Just for Fun
Describe your perfect weekend
My family still live in Adelaide, so it is very special when I get the opportunity to spend time with them! My perfect weekend would be one spent with them and my dog, Miesha. We would start the day with a sleep-in, followed by chai lattes and bagels at my favourite little café. We would then take Miesha to the beach as this is her favourite place, and nothing makes us smile more than watching her run around off-leash with all of her dog friends. We’d probably have a nap in the afternoon (exhausted from all of the time in the sun!), followed up by some Nintendo, and something delicious for dinner. I would spend Sunday adventuring with my family, showing them my favourite places so far in Queensland and exploring many new ones. I love a good waterfall or forest adventure especially!

Can/would you like to learn a new language and why?
I studied French for six years through high school and my first year of university. I also went on exchange to France for six weeks when I was 17, where I stayed with a French family and went to French school. I remember quite a lot of it, but have also (of course!) lost most of my fluency. I’d love to get this skill back. I’d also love to learn Japanese, as Japan is my favourite place I have travelled and I’d love to be able to converse with the friendly locals!

What’s the quirkiest talent you have (or aspire to have)?
My friends could probably list off a few quirky talents I have, but I’ll share a current one that even I must laugh at… I’m a very arty-crafty person and love to make things. Some time ago, I learned to knit, which I’ve found to be a very therapeutic activity! I also have a very fluffy dog who needs a lot of regular grooming… and I stumbled upon a lovely lady who spins Samoyed undercoat into yarn that can then be knitted with! So a quirky talent I’m working on at the moment is transforming Miesha-fluff into a warm knitted scarf for winter.

What invention would you like to be in reality and why?
Teleporters, for sure! I have been living away from my family for almost four years and have spent SO much time in airports and on planes so that I could visit them. In those moments, I’d love nothing more than to be able to click my fingers and just magically get to where I want, whenever I want!