Meet Nicola Stigter

Meet Nicola Stigter

We are honored to meet and get to know our clients, colleagues, and community on a daily basis and thought it would nice to share a little about us! We will provide a segment on our team member’s perspectives, areas of passion and purpose in their career, and some quirky and enjoyable facts about their lives in and out of the clinic space!

Nicola is a provisionally registered psychologist who completed her Bachelor of Psychological Science with first class honours at the University of Queensland in 2016. During her undergraduate degree she was a Research Assistant for the UQ School of Psychology, working in the cognitive engineering section. She assisted with a PhD research project and co-authored a paper on peripheral detection of stimuli via google glass in the Journal of Human Factors. Nicola has worked for Minds & Hearts for the past two years and in the future hopes to complete her Master in Clinical Psychology. Nicola has a warm and caring nature and a particular interest in helping children with ASD manage their emotions (like anxiety), develop social skills and build a strong positive sense of self.

What’s a fun fact about yourself?
I have a miniature dachshund called Alfie, or Alfred when he is misbehaving! We have matching winter pjs for when it gets cold.

Describe your perfect weekend?
My perfect weekend is spent having a sleep in and then going to the beach with Alfie and friends. My favourite beach to go to is in Byron Bay, but Alfie loves the dog beaches in the Gold Coast. We would spend some time swimming, running around, laying in the sun and paddle boarding. After the beach, we would grab something to eat and find somewhere that has some music or entertainment.

Can/ would you like to play any instruments and why?

I used to play the piano and clarinet in high school. I can still play a few songs if someone put a piano in front of me, but I have completely forgotten how to play the clarinet.

Can/would you like to learn a new language and why?
I learnt Japanese for three years during high school but unfortunately have not retained that information. In the future, I would love to learn a new language such as French or Spanish.

What invention would you like to be a reality and why?
Teleporter! I hate flying so I would love the ability to just click my fingers and magically get to where I want, whenever I want! My first location would be to teleport to Greece!