Introducing Dr India Whitehouse Clinical Psychologist

Introducing Dr India Whitehouse Clinical Psychologist

India is thrilled to be working at Minds and Heart. She first became interested in psychology because she was drawn to understanding how some people who experience extremely difficult life events are able to stay open hearted and heal.

She wanted to learn how and why and harness this in approaches that can help people to survive and thrive despite often very challenging experiences. Working at Minds and Hearts provides the opportunity to meet these types of people day in day out. People on the spectrum have often had really difficult times, either due to having felt outside the norm or at times (their hard experiences) creating a sense of being outside the norm, yet remain open and big hearted. This is pretty humbling to see and testament to the strength, grit and determination that drew her to study psychology in the first place.

In addition, she feels honoured to work with such talented people. She has spent valuable times recently in session looking at an array of beautiful creations from a felted scarf the colour of fire- it looked like a flame, to clever plays on words with art in them, to incredible poetry, the list goes on.

She is grateful to be working in such a kind, open hearted and talented team.

What’s a fun fact about yourself?
I love to act and have been in a few productions at my previously local theatre. I recently played an android in a play by Philip Ayckbourn called “Loving Androids.”

Describe your perfect weekend?
My perfect weekend is spent having quite a bit of down time! I love decompressing with a favourite book or a Netflix crime drama. I like exercise too and went to a Krav Maga class this morning. Then spending time with friends, listening to a band (I love music) and perhaps going for a swim.

Can/ would you like to play any instruments and why?

I play the violin. I was in an orchestra in England called The Brighton and Hove orchestra and we did a Summer concert and played some James Bond theme tunes amongst other things. I love to play the violin but had a 20 year gap having quit at 16 when I started A-levels. I started again five years ago and am so glad I did! My violin is currently on a boat being shipped over from England.

Can/would you like to learn a new language and why?
It would be nice to speak fluent French (I speak a little.) I got an A for my GCSE! But that was a looong time ago. But I just don’t have the time at the moment- other pursuits are more of a priority for me.

What invention would you like to be a reality and why?
A pill to stop suffering and help us all be creative. Also, a machine to get my post and it actually reaching me, rather than being stopped by my locked gate and needing to be collected!