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At Minds & Hearts we often have things on our minds or in our hearts—things that we’d love to share with our community of clients, their families, our colleagues, and other professionals friends.

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Neurodiversity: Your Brain and its Melody!

By Dr Wes Turner – Clinical Psychologist / Clinic Director Welcome to a fascinating journey through the symphony of your brain! Think of your mind as an orchestra, with each section representing different brain functions working together under the guidance of...

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Mindful Pathways: Exploring ADHD and Hormonal Dynamics

By Emalyn Gooding - Clinical Psychologist Unraveling the Entangled Web of ADHD and Hormonal Fluctuations: A Journey Towards Personalized Care Navigating the complexities of ADHD can be a daunting task, and for women, the interplay of the menstrual cycle adds an extra...

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