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Autism Working Programme

This will now be an online course

Employment can make a big difference to a person’s self-esteem including a sense of purpose and self-worth, practical application of one’s interests and/or strengths, opportunities for acquiring new skills and the incorporation of structure and routine into daily life. Nevertheless, employment can bring particular problems for a person on the autism spectrum, including difficulties with mental exhaustion and high levels of stress, difficulties with the social aspects of the work setting, sensory issues and concerns regarding priorities and organizational skills. This group programme provides strategies and ideas to assist with the common problems that can become barriers for people on the autism spectrum in the work setting. By the end of the programme, participants will have a comprehensive workbook of strategies specifically designed for their own profile of strengths and challenges. These strategies can then be used to achieve greater success in the workplace.  

 This group will be run for five sessions commencing Tuesday 21st April to Tuesday 19th May from 4 pm – 5.30 pm

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