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We run a variety of different groups through the year. To keep in touch with which groups we are running we recommend that you subscribe to our Weekly Bulletin by emailing us at the clinic.

Girls Club 

 7-9 years

Social skill deficits are a pervasive and enduring feature of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This program is designed for girls who have ASD and experience difficulties social skills and friendships. The primary aim of this program is for girls to better understand and appreciate who they are, support other’s differences, understand friendships and learn better ways to deal with social challenges they may face. 

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 Relationship Minefield Course (this course is now fully subscribed)

Adults in a relationship

Couples where one or both partners are on the autism spectrum may face difficulties and complications that are challenging to overcome and beyond the ability of friends and family to help.  Couples may be in the early stages of the relationships and just finding unanticipated concerns,  longer standing relationships, perhaps with children, where difficulties are becoming increasingly apparent and distressing or the couple are approaching or are in retirement .  Quite frequently relationships involving people with Asperger’s syndrome may be fraught with misunderstanding on both sides.  Limited flexibility in one or both partners may leave the other feeling as if they are carrying an unfair burden.  Social indifference or inappropriateness may cause concern or embarrassment and a narrowing of social activities.  People with Asperger’s may exhibit low self-confidence or arrogance and this can often lead to misunderstanding and in some cases defensiveness which may cause  considerable  stress to partners.  

Topics covered will be developed with participants relationship issues in mind and are likely to include information and practice in understanding the implications of Asperger’s syndrome in a relationship, enhancing communication, social behaviour, emotional regulation, intimacy and mutual emotional and practical support.

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