Luke Blackwood

Psychologist (Clinical Registrar)

BPsych, MPsych (Clin), MAPS

Luke is a registered psychologist and clinical psychology registrar, completing his Master of Psychology at James Cook University. His research focused on the impact of positive emotions and social connection on health. Luke is warm and passionate about his work with clients and celebrates their interests, talents and unique world view.

Luke began his career working in the juvenile justice system and treats all his clients with compassion and respect, allowing him to build a therapeutic relationship with difficult to engage clients. It also developed his ability to assist in safely managing crises and aggressive behaviour but most importantly, helping children to express how they are feeling, manage their emotions and develop social skills. Since then, Luke has worked in non-government organisations, schools and private practice.

Luke primarily works with children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Conditions, conducting assessments and providing individual treatment. He also works with a range of conditions including trauma, depression, anxiety, adjustment, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and conduct disorder.

Luke uses evidence-based interventions and draws on his experience in family therapy at all stages of treatment, working with the family and school. He also uses cognitive behavioural therapy, behavioural therapy and mindfulness-based practices. Luke has a focus on social justice and empowerment, designing interventions that aim to not only to ‘fix the problem’ but to allow people to develop meaningful relationships and improve wellbeing and quality of life.