Ongoing therapy sessions are generally 45-minutes in length and occur on a regular basis on the same day and at the same time. Therapy options will be discussed during the initial appointment. Therapy is provided to provide strategies and assist with development of:

  • Use of speech sounds;
  • Receptive language – including following directions, responding to questions, understanding messages from others;
  • Expressive language – including grammar and structure of words and sentences, using words appropriately, word finding difficulties;
  • High level language skills – including understanding figurative language, humour and problem solving;
  • Application of social skills and understanding social cues;
  • Fluency and stuttering behaviours;
  • Picky eating and restrictive diets;
  • Literacy skills including letter sounds awareness and comprehension of information;
  • Prescription of assistive technology communication devices and ongoing support for functional use.

Please see our fee schedule for costs & rebate options for a diagnostic assessment.