Radhika Tanksale

M.A., M.Phil (MAPS)

Radhika gained her Post-Masters in Clinical Psychology from India in 2004 with her area of research in behavioural interventions in children with autism. Since qualifying, Radhika has been closely associated with the ASD population. She is one of the founding members of a school for children with autism in her homtown in India. Radhika moved to Brisbane in 2010 from Massachusetts, USA where she lived for 3 years and continued to gain experience in this field in both community and school settings. She realizes the importance of a multidisciplinary approach in the management of children on the autism spectrum and understands the therapy for them needs to be individually tailored as they possess a unique set of interests and strengths.

Radhika is registered with the Psychology Board of Australia and is a member of the Australian Psychological Society.