Speech & Language ASSESSMENT

A speech and language assessment utilises a combination of clinical interview and observation, previous reports and standardised tests to determine the presence or absence of communication disorders. Assessment is also crucial to support development of therapy goals and provide baseline information to compare progress against.

The Assessment leads to an understanding of the person’s profile of abilities including:

  • Motor speech disorders such as speech sound disorders, stuttering and apraxia of speech;
  • Language disorders such as receptive language, expressive language and pragmatic language disorders;
  • Literacy difficulties;
  • Stuttering;
  • Picky eating and/or limited diet.

A speech and language assessment process involves:

  • An initial session with the speech pathologist to gather relevant information;
  • Informal assessment such as observations in the clinic and/or in the home or school environment, or unstructured activities;
  • Standardised assessment including formal language and/or speech assessment. This can include individual structured tasks, play based activities or questionnaires.