Minds and Hearts Vision

We envision a world where people with autism spectrum conditions are understood and valued.

We seek to provide a centre of excellence of psychological services, education and research in autism spectrum conditions to promote understanding and knowledge about ASC locally and globally.

Minds and Hearts Goals and Objectives

The primary goal of Minds and Hearts is to provide high quality psychological services for people on the autism spectrum, their families and the people who work with them. We seek to make our services affordable and accessible. We are strongly committed to research and teaching activities.

Specific Goals:


  • Our team members are highly trained, experienced, motivated and value-driven.
  • Our clinic enviroment is respectful, supportive, energizing, collegial, empowering, inspiring and allows staff to evolve.
  • Each person in the team is valued and opportunity is provided to further develop their strengths, expertise and abilities.
  • Psychologists are encouraged and supported to develop specific skills within sub-specialty areas of ASC.
  • We abide by our professional and ethical code of conduct.

Psychological Services

  • Each client is welcomed and appreciated.
  • We value and strive to create an autism-friendly enviroment.
  • We provide services that have been developed for people on the autism spectrum.
  • The psychological services provided are empirically and theoretically based and represent ‘best practice’ models.
  • Each client is valued and sessions provide an opportunity to further develop their strengths, expertise and abilities.
  • Our therapeutic enviroment is respectful, supportive, energizing, collegial, empowering, and inspiring; allowing clients to evolve.
  • We are clear and specific about client goals and data driven in tracking client goals.
  • We provide ‘value for money’.
  • We introduce and maintain processes that support funding for clients, eg Medicare, Helping Children with Autism.


  • We have a demonstrated ongoing commitment to develop new therapeutic and assessment tools to assist people on the autism spectrum.
  • Staff are supported to ethically create and test new assessment tools, therapy programs, resources and technologies.
  • Staff are empowered and supported to empirically evalute their practice.
  • Staff are supported to attain higher degrees is desired.
  • Staff are encouraged and supported to contribute to the scientific literature.

Educational and Community Services

  • The presentations and workshops that we provide are of the highest standards, representing the best theoretical and empirical knowledge at the time.
  • Our presentations and workshops meet community and professional needs.
  • We provide leadership in knowledge and understanding about ASC in our professional community.
  • We nuture relationships with professionals from other disciplines and our own.
  • We contribute to accurate knowledge about ASC and resources in the community via our website and newsletters.
  • We are collaborative, linking people to services that can help and working as a team with other professional and services, to attain and maintain client goals.

Workplace, Health and Safety

  • We aim to provide a clinic enviroment that is safe for staff, clients and clinic vistors.

Minds and Hearts Mission Statement

At Minds and Hearts we work with the mind, through the heart.
We respect and celebrate people on the autism spectrum.
We are committed to enhancing their well-being, abilities and successes.
Our commitment is born of a passion to understand, enhance and assist.
We value compassion and professional excellence.