No. You do not need to obtain a referral to attend the clinic, however should you wish to claim a partial rebate for your appointment you may like to visit your GP and obtain a Mental Health Care Plan. A Mental Health Care Plan allows a partial rebate of $84.50-$124.50 for 10 sessions in a calendar year.

No. If you have a Mental Health Care Plan you will receive a partial rebate from Medicare.

Yes, only if your NDIS funding is self-managed or Plan Managed. We are not registered providers with NDIS. Payment for consultations are required at the end of every session. Please organise with your Plan Manager to have the funds to pay for each session.

Professor Tony Attwood & Dr Michelle Garnett’s books are closed for new referrals. They do conduct diagnostic assessments on some Wednesdays throughout the year, the waiting list timeframe is approximately 6-12 months to see them for an assessment.

It is not necessary to have a formal diagnosis on the autism spectrum to be able to attend the clinic. We are a clinic for Asperger’s syndrome and autism and so have knowledge and expertise in this area, and many related conditions. Sometimes people wish to use an appointment at Minds and Hearts to discuss the possibility that someone may be on the autism spectrum and to explore management strategies and advice.

A diagnostic assessment is carried out over a number of appointments to find out if the client is on the autism spectrum. At an initial appointment the client and families are offered advice about managing some of the challenges associated with Asperger’s Syndrome and autism. During these appointments the specific problem areas are explored and a plan of action is devised which may include the recommendation for ongoing assistance.

Yes, we do run group programmes throughout the year. Please visit our group page to find out more information.

Medicare provides a partial rebate if you have one of these plans currently in place: Mental Health Care Plan, Helping Children with Autism Plan, Allied Health Plan/Chronic Disease Management Plan. NDIS funding is available if you self-manage or are Plan Managed Helping Children with Autism Funding Private health funds will provide a rebate please contact your health fund provider for exact amounts. They will require the following item numbers 100 (psychology) for an initial appointment and 200 (psychology) for additional appointments.

Medicare rebates are between $84.50 and $124.50 for individual therapy. To determine whether your private health funds will provide a greater partial rebate, contact your health fund provider. They will require the following item numbers 100 (psychology) for an initial appointment and 200 (psychology) for additional appointments.

If you are a current client of Minds and Hearts then please talk to your clinician at the next session about NDIS reports. If you are are not a current client, a diagnostic assessment will need to be conducted to write a report to support your NDIS application. Please see here for the diagnostic assessment process and prices.

No, Medicare does not give any rebates for report. Please enquire with your private health provider if you can claim back for reports.

No, we only have one clinic in West End, Brisbane. Please see our referral list for professionals in your area.

Yes, we provide initial appointments through Skype/Telephone. Medicare rebates do not apply for Skype/Telephone consultations.