Services Overview

Our Services for Individuals Impacted by Neurodiverse Conditions

At Minds & Hearts, our approach to professional services is holistic.

We focus on neurodiversity — providing support for individuals impacted by the breadth of neurodiverse presentations and conditions, including but not limited to Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Communication Disorders, Learning Disorders, Motor Disorders and Intellectual Disabilities.

We know that learning about and understanding neurodiversity and neurodevelopmental conditions may be confusing, confronting, or overwhelming. Working together with families, friends and other stakeholders, we compassionately strive to create an environment where you’re understood, accepted and empowered for life through conversations that discover and build self-understanding.

A core focus of our work is in the provision of formal clinical assessments – using both clinical judgement and recognised professional tools to understand and identify whether a person meets diagnostic criteria for a neurodevelopmental disorder. We also provide other forms of assessment, including learning, functional and language assessments.

We can provide ongoing therapy through individual Psychology, Speech and Occupational therapy as well as group program services.

We can also provide ancillary services, such as school and home visits where appropriate, to ensure a comprehensive and holistic care approach.