Pyschology Services

Our Psychology Services

The primary format for clinical psychology services are provided as individual therapy.
Therapy options, their need and suitability as well as a treatment plan, are discussed during an initial appointment.
At Minds & Hearts, each member of our authentic and nurturing team of clinical psychologists is specifically trained and experienced in the area of neurodiversity.

Ongoing Therapy

Following an initial appointment, our psychologists may make a recommendation for private psychology services for an individual. These services are also referred to as ongoing therapy.

Ongoing therapy sessions are generally 55-minutes in length and occur on a regular basis on the same day and at the same time.

Ongoing therapy is provided for support, and to assist with exploring and resolving problems, including:
• Emotional problems including anxiety, anger, aggression and depression
• Attention Deficit Disorder
• Behavioural problems
• Eating problems
• Grief and bereavement
• Couples and families experiencing problems
• School problems including school phobia, behavioural problems, and bullying and teasing
• School communication problems
• Unemployment and workplace problems
• Social skill development and friendship skills
• Sexual problems and sex education
• Problem-solving

Group Therapy

Group therapy – often known simply as Groups – involves one or more of our psychologists working with a number of individuals at the same time.

At Minds & Hearts, we run a variety of Groups throughout the year, catering for different needs and demographics.

Information on our upcoming Groups is available via our semi-regular email update -you can subscribe at Keep in Touch – or by connecting with our friendly support staff today.